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cheer them on. such a heart warming story. >> that's a great organization. i have done a few homes with them, home for the troops. you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm mike hydeck. angie will be back with traffic in a moment. i'm andrea roane, and howard is back. >> reporter: the pool with temperatures are not too warm yet, jump in. you will have to do something. today, very hot, nonetheless, the high around 95 degrees. we will go to the graphics to show what we are talking about. jumping into the upper 80s at noon, and low 90s by 5:00. the 95-degree mark. visibility is a slight problem at oakland. a quarter of a mile. half a mile in the culpepper area. that's one area to watch. our temperatures where it is
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cooler, fog in the mid-60s, and regan national, 73. easten this morning, hello, eastern shore. i can not wait for the corn from the eastern shore, 72 degrees. >> we like it sweet, thank you, howard. hello, everybody. kicking off the 6:00 hour now with the yellow light. we have the problem in silverspring, maryland. we will take you there. southbound new hampshire avenue at lockwood drive. a couple of lanes getting by to the right, and it looks like things are backing up here. more volume approaching the scene. over to the maps, checking on the beltway north of the district. 95 over to 270, appearing that everyone is moving at a pretty good pace and doing just fine as well. back over to the map. 270, drivers tracking the southbound trip as usual. notice the yellow on the screen. outside, we are noticing through the cameras, things are slowing down around the urbana area to 109. overall, doing okay, fast hurley to the lane divide.
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as for the travel time, 66. headed eastbound to the beltway, looking like it's an 11-minute commute. we are slowing down around route 50. the inner loop is doing just fine. the toll road, no complaints near the capital beltway. still ahead, the accident on at silverspring. back to you. work getting underway at a paving project on the beltway, and it will take 4 months to repave the section from coldville code to the overpass in montgomery county. you can expect rough pavement while the work gets done. a formal ribbon cutting at the new african american war memorial and museum. it's at 1925 wilmington, northwest. a town hall mead meeting on medicare and social security. the virginia democrat will also discuss the ongoing budget
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talks. 11:00 this morning at the village square theater. also this morning, we are following breaking news. >> an early morning fire destroyed several boats at the marina on the anacostia river. >> reporter: mike and andrea, it was a damaging fire on the water for firefighters, batting the huge fire on the water, and we have the spokesperson for dc fire and e.m.s. to tell us how challenging, how do the firefighters tackle the fire on the water? >> it's a bit of a remote area, the 1500 block of m. street southeast at the washington yacht club, and obviously they are tied to the dock. you have water and a has arts and fuel and fiberglass burning. when we arrived we had four boats on fire, actually, and they are large boats, 35 to 40- foot yachts if you will. heavy fire, major loss. the good thing, no one was
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injured. we had to evacuate some of the folks where people live on the nearby boats. large fire. we were able to bring in the resours of 50 or 60 firefighters, including fire boats, and the good thing, we were able to untie some of them get them out of the way. obviously they are tied up close together. significant damage, but the good thing, no one was injured. >> reporter: you are talking about firefighters wearing flotation devices? >> it's challenging. there's not a lot of room to work around the water. any time we are around the water, we have to wear appropriate safety devices. we have accountability for their safety and well being. we have to bring hoses and resources. the fire boats bring a lot of fire power to us as far as extinguishing the fire, but the firefighters have to bring the truck and gear and any time they are near the water that i have to have on safety flotation devices. >> reporter: do we have a dismays. >> in-- have a cause? >> investigators are still here. we believe the fire starletted in one boat, tending to the
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others -- extending to the others, but right now it's still under investigation. right now, high dollar loss. >> thank you, surae surae chinn following the breaking news this morning. we are 15 days away from the government hitting the debt limit and defaulting on its debt. >> the talking points remain the same. republicans will only raise the debt limit with major budget cuts, and democrats said tax hikes are need, but both sides want a deal with nothing happening. >> i think there's still time to get something big done. the president made it clear he wants to do something substantial. you know, when you look at in the past with agreements for divided government, it takes leadership on both sides. >> they are talking about cutting spending over the next 10 years, adding $6 trillion to the debt. the real deal to get us in
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balance would be an amendment to the constitution. without that, we will just talk to each other and run america in the ground. >> the plan for the balanced- budget amendment is expected to pass the house tomorrow but expected to fail in the senate. a man accused of swapping identities in order to escape the u.s. marshals is due in court today. james brewer is accused killer. he reportedly switched i.d. bracelets with another prisoner at the holding facility in the dc superior court. the swap allowed him to walk away. he is accused of killing an elderly man last month. an ocean city police officer is recovering after he was run over and drug by a car driven bay suspected drug dealer. the officer should be okay. it happened early saturday. police tried to arrest michael mcgovernor of williamsport, pennsylvania. he backed up, hit the officer, and drug the officer.
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he bailed out and jumped into a canal near 21st street and was caught a short while later. it's 6:06, and i'm watching your money. it is not too late to get a good deal on a summer day camp for your child. here with ways to get the deals, we are joined by jamie ratner from we will start with basketball camp. what's out there? >> there's tons of great deals out there. the one basketball camp offer is actually for a week. >> reporter: okay, great. >> yeah, and the deals that we are offering, they range about 30% to 50% off. all different choices out there from you know basketball and sports camps to writing camps, and dance camps. >> reporter: let's talk more about the basketball camp. there's only so much yo gabba gabba your kid can watch. you have to keep them active.
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what will basketball camp look like for your kid? >> they have the option of lots of sports to do during the day or the basketball, you know they will just be really active and have a really great time. >> reporter: they can burn out the energy before you get them home. you to do something with them yourself. we will look at bounce you, a deal you are offering through tell us about that that one. >> there's -- about that one. >> there's options for a 1-day camp. you can just -- you know it's very flexible. we have another like art pottery type thing as well where you can drop your kids off at. there's a tree house deal but bounce u gives the ability to bounce around and they have arts and crafts. it's a great opportunity for $20 for the whole day. that's amazing. >> reporter: dance camp for little girls? >> we have dance pants i think.
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there's some this virginia and some in d.c., half priced, and you know one of them they get to go on field trips to talk to the museums and stuff like that. >> reporter: terrific ideas, thank you, jamie for coming in. >> thank you. >> thank you, jess. 6:09. a look at what is still ahead in this hour of 9 news now. >> so close for the u.s. women's soccer team. what a great match. in 4 minutes, reaction to their loss. a major real estate deal. we will show you the house that sold for $85 million, and wait until you find out who bought it. >> coming up next, howard with the monday forecast, and it's a scorcher as they say up in boston. your weather first when 9 news now returns. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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just about 6:12 on this monday morning. it's all comfortable and relative. noontime temperature, steamy already at 88. the 5:00 p.m. temperature of 83. it -- 93. it will get hotter this week, but i will talk about that in a bit. now to angie. >> reporter: silverspring, the latest at lockwood drive, looking like we have the crash activity out that way, taking away a couple of the left lanes, but a tow truck is on the scene. hopefully it will be clearing up soon as will the congestion. mike and andrea, over to you, back at 6:18. the former editor of the britain world newspaper is out of jail this morning, but the
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phone hacking scandal continues to grow. >> rebekah brooks has been arrested. celebrations as nelson mandela turns 93. these are pictures for this morning of mandela and his family. the south africans are marking the day with a call for community service. no big deal. los angeles survived the weekend without one of the freeways. the 405 opened sunday after being closed for more than 36 hours. carmageddon never materialized. the construction project will require that it be closed again later this year hopefully with the same positive results. the u.s. women's soccer team is not coming home as champions but they are happy about capturing the nation's attention. >> they lost on sunday to penalty kicks. the crowd at brittany's bar and grill watched as japan sanked
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the game-winning goal. after a brief shot the fans sheered on the american women. ali creeger was cheered on by many as she is from the area. this photo was released by the -- from the white house as president obama and his wife and daughters watched the game. >> reporter: the world cup fans followed the usa women to germany to witness the final battle for soccer supremacy. >> we are the best in the world, women's soccer. >> reporter: americans making the trip knew they were in store for a good show. >> the fact they don't give up and they keep playing no matter how much time is left on the clock. >> reporter: but team usa fell. after a scoreless 1st half, alex morgan with the break through goal. japan fired back, getting the shot past hope solo.
6:15 am
team usa had played japan 25 times before the final and won every time. the u.s. women have fought for 12 years to take back soccer's top prize. they last won the world cup when they hosted the tournament in 1999. >> i think in 2011 it's harder to win the world cup than it was in the 1999. you have so many countries who can compete to win. >> reporter: the u.s. and japan battled through extra time and penalty kicks where japan sealed the deal. rameesh bought bra his family from new york city to see the sensation. >> big fans. all three girls play. >> reporter: team usa showed strategy and determination in the final game. this is girl power? >> definitely! >> reporter: it was not enough to take home the world title. tina krauss, frankfurt,
6:16 am
germany. >> next year the team usa can get their revenge in the olympics. >> we are proud of them. congratulations. coming up, howard bernstein is back, and my goodness, can we withstand the heat? >> a lot of people may spend time in the basement this week. my basement is cooler. >> ours is too. >> anything to buck the trend. the trend is for hot temperatures, especially the second half of the week. today will be comfortable compared to thursday, friday, and saturday. our day planner, 77 by 8:00. a lot of sunshine. by noon, upper 80s. winds southwest to southerly. again, i think the high will be around 95 with plenty of sunshine. perhaps a few more clouds in the afternoon and evening. but still by 8:00 in the upper 80s. southwest winds at 8. humidity levels have also crept up. 72, actually coming from brandi wine thanks to debora down.
6:17 am
there college park, 72. and columbia montgomery, upper 60s to around 70. great falls, 68. one of the cooler spots, 64 with 69 now from mesa neck. that's a great state park and wildlife refuge. if you have never been down there, it's not that far away. take the trip. light south to southwest wind at 5 to 7-mile the -- 7 miles an hour. look at the heat already. current temperatures for places like minneapolis. think about it, 5:00 a.m. at minneapolis. dallas, 84. 81 in chicago. it's no wonder many highs at 100 or better than that. that's why all the red areas, iowa, missouri, minneapolis, out to nebraska, wisconsin, much of illinois around the heat warnings, and it will be with us for the next 7 days or so. really bad thursday through saturday. the high pressure here, and you can see the ridge underneath on
6:18 am
the satellite. nothing developing under that. what has developed by the way, last night upgraded from a depression to tropical storm brett. it will be going out into the atlantic north and east. what we will watch for tonight and tomorrow through midday, the area of disturbed weather moving southeast, tonight through midnight, into tomorrow morning. could be showers and thunderstorms around here, and then the heat, that will be the big story. have to stay cool and hydrated. high clothing, and do all -- light clothing, and do all of that. wednesday, 95, and then it gets worse. thursday 100, friday, 102, saturday, 105, and back into the upper 90s by sunday. long week, an gee. >> i -- angie. >> i know. don't forget the spf. you will knee need it this week, folks. silversprings, southbound new hampshire avenue at lockwood
6:19 am
drive, things are improving here, looking like they will tow away the remnants of the crash activity. still the drivers getting by with two laneses to the right and stacked up approaching the scene. let's move to a live shot from sky 9. the view from above, revealing that everyone is flows nicely on 50 headed eastbound, and this despite there's an accident near the 665 offramp, we are following that closely, but as you can tell, everyone is still moving at a good pace. looking like westbound traffic is doing okay as well. 66 headed eastbound, the main delay, into route 50, don't forget to bring the sunglasses, and sun glare will be a factor this morning. 95, headed northbound, heavy, heavy from the prince william parkway to the route 1 bridge, and then up to fairfax. as for the travel times, on the outer loop, we are tracking them. to 270, moving at a good pace. 295, using the brakes a bit.
6:20 am
12 minutes to the 11th street bridge. 395 in virginia, coming up at 6:25. over to you. >> thank you, angie, next in sports, see what the mystic did last night to set a record for the wnba. >> first, our popular question of the morning. a recent study suggests that these professionals get more headaches than anyone else. accountant, librarians or teachers? >> stephanie said a. anything other than a check with my name on it would give me a headache. >> join the conversation at we will have the answer on air and online at 6:48. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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. 6:23. it's warm now, and impressively
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warm now. get out and enjoy it. it will be really hot, and then really, really hot later in the week. temperatures in upper 80s by noon. code orange and then don't forget the sunscreen. the high today around 95. andrea. >> thank you, howard. in sports, the nationals begin the 3-game series in houston, and hopefully the nats can beef up their record. >> they blew a 4-run lead to the braves yesterday in atlanta. tied at 8 in the bottom of the 9 9th. freddie had the walkoff single, and the nats lose the close one. 9-8. the mystics are going into the wnba record book, the first team ever to come back from the 14-point deficit in the 4th quarter, taking the l.a. sparks to overtime to win 89-
6:25 am
85. kristin longhorn had 14 boards for dc. darren clark has never been in contention in a golf major turnment in the last decade. this morning he is british open champion. the golfer from northern ireland missed the par put on 18 -- putt on 18. he said he plans to fly home and buy his friends a pint or two. >> this is the third guy from northern ireland to win a championship. unbelievable. 6:25. is google ruining our brains? effect it's having on how we think. also ahead, casey anthony is out of prison. we will look at what is next following her acquittal on murder charges. >> angie with a quick check on traffic. >> 395. we are slow, a check on your dc roads when 9 news now returns. keep it here. what makes the sleep number store different?
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. the live look at the pentagon. 73 degrees right there. >> thank you for starting your monday with us.
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i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein outside with maybe one of the most comfortable portions of the day. >> reporter: possibly the most comfortable portion of the week. we will have triple-digit heat around here. that's a dangerous extended period of heat. temperatures climbing from the upper 70s to mid- to upper 80s by noon, and maybe even 90- degree readings by noon. 8:00, 89 degrees, and we have got 69. right now, springfield, 74. one thing with all the, in the district -- with all the heat, in the district of columbia, garbage collection will start at 6:00 a.m. give them a break. they have to do it all. 73 degrees right now. dew point, 67, and the
6:31 am
barometer at 30.09. going to 95 this afternoon. hotter on the 7-day. we will look at it the next time we meet. right now angie with your time- saver traffic. >> reporter: right now looking like the yellow light is continuing to follow with things improving in the silverspring area. southbound new hampshire avenue. this is near white oak and route 29 to try to place it on the map for you. as you can tell, we were able to get the car out here, the tow truck there, and now they have shifted gears, and they are taking away the center lane, and drivers only get by with one lane to the left. we are continuing to back up, approaching the scene. to the maps to check on the dc drive as promised. we will take you there. inbound new jersey avenue, -- new york avenue, happy to report, no delays past the times building, continuing to the 3 3rd street tunnel. to northwest dc all the go here.
6:32 am
we are checking on your rails, and it looks like metro, marks, and all lines running on time. ahead, looking around the region, coming up in the next time saver traffic report at 6:46. andrea and mike, back to you. >> at 6:31, we continue to follow breaking news at the waterfront in south eastern washington. >> as the sun comes up, investigators are getting a better look at a bunch of boats that caught on fire this morning. >> the marina is off m. street near water street off the 11th street bridge. surae chinn has the latest. >> reporter: the fire investigators say a boat in the the middle caught on fire, spreading to several other boats parked next to it at the washington yacht club. the investigation is concentrated right down there. you can't really see it, but right around the group of boats you can see down. there 9 news now first on the scene to bring you the pictures of the flames shooting from the boats, 35 to 40-footers, fairly
6:33 am
large vessels, and 50 to 60 firefighters battling the fire on water, wearing flotation devices on top of their gear. the fire boats on the water, tackling from every angle, and one owner was devastated he lost his pride and joy. >> it's completely down in the water, and you tell me how bad it is? there's nothing left. as far as we know it's burned down to the water line, so it was just a little bit of the boat in the water. >> reporter: no one was injured, and firefighters had to evacuate some boats, some people living in their boats, and they untied others so the fire would not spread further, saying the estimated damage could approach $1 million, but you talk to some of the boat owners, saying their boats are priceless. back to you, andrea. >> surae chinn reporting in south eastern washington this morning. two people are dead in the crash of a tour bus that left
6:34 am
from washington, dc. it was carrying passengers to niagara falls yesterday when it left the roadway and smashed into a wooded median. it was on interstate 390 in new york. nearly three dozen people were hurt. the preliminary investigation indicates a blown tire. today a project on the beltway in montgomery county kicks off. it will eventually make your ride smoother to silverspring, but until then, it will be rough. crews will break up the pavement and then lay down new black top. it will go on through november until the thing is finished. >> it's hard to drive on the beltway without hitting a work zone. east of this repaving project, a bridge repaving project is going on. the biggest spot in fairfax county, the hot lanes for dallas toll road to springfield, and then the work at telegraph road west of the bridge. you get the real time traffic reports by going to
6:35 am
and check out the live cameras on the beltway. 65 and even i-91 in blue ridge. the fight is heating up with the u.s. park service and the local petty cab operators. they are the bicycle-drawn carriages to get around the city. a petty cab driver was tasered by park police during an altercation near the air and space museum recently. they said the cabs are illegal near the national mall. the petty cab operators want to get that overturned. the whereabouts of casey anthony are being kept underwraps following her release from a florida jail. she spent nearly 3 years in jail for lying to police. she is entering the world where many are angry she service acquitted of the death of her 2- year-old daughter caylee. experts say she could be targeted. >> she will need meet protection and security, and --
6:36 am
immediate protection and security, and that will involve hiding her out to where the public cannot get her. >> with options of deals up to $1 million, she may be able to afford the new life, but right now even her parents don't know where she is. paul and julia will be arraigned in baltimore, accused of using automatic phone calls to discourage black voter from going to the polls last november. 6:26. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> it hurts over the weekend when things go from bad to worse for a major book chain. >> we are talking about borders, inching pleaser to utter extinction -- inching closer to utter extinction. a bidding deadline just passed with buyout offers coming, and
6:37 am
the wall street journal reports bids were due at 5:00 p.m. yesterday, and now they head to a bankruptcy court auction on tuesday, and that likely means liquidation and the closing of the 400 stores that remain open. it could decline the sale of hard cover and paperback and e. books. box office magic. harry potter took in a record $168.8 million from friday to sunday, and it beats the previous best opening weekend. this is one of the most expensive homes of all time. over 56,000 square feet, and it was built by aaron spelling, the man behind 90210, fantasy island, the dynasty, and it just sold for 43% off the asking price. take a look at it right there on the screen. $85million was the sale price, and it was originally listed
6:38 am
for a record 150 million by his widow. this is the part you don't want to hear. the buyer, 22 years old. >> what? >> yep, she plans to live there with her fiancee and their dog. 56,000 square feet, two people, and dogs. >> her money came from her daddy. >> i give up. >> i also heard his widow is downsizing. >> how will she ever survive? >> thank you, jess. a problem we will never have any idea of. before you probably went to bed, the crew of the shuttle atlantis was waking up. >> the wakeup call courtesy of keith urban. ♪ coming undone when days go by, i can feel the fire like a hand out the window in the wind. ♪ the cars go by >> the song days gone by was
6:39 am
played just before 10:30 last night. this morning atlantis will say good-bye to the international space station and close the hatch. the final shuttle mission is scheduled to send thursday morning. >> one place you cannot put your hand out the window for the wind. >> yeah, really. going to be a hot one today. sunny skies and in the mid-90s. howard with now steamy it will get later this week. >> this just through white oak, maryland. you can see, look at this, still tied up there. angie and next with the time- saver traffic report. >> thank you for newsing channel the. here's what on tv. how i met your mother followed by mike and molly. >> two and a half men, and then more mike and molly in hawaii five-0, and then more news at 11. we will be right back. good morning this is willie jolly. the message from my book, it only takes a minute to change
6:40 am
your life. we recently talked about what i thought was so cool and hip, only to find out this book was written 100 years ago. part two says, enjoy your achievements and your plans. keep interested in your plans no matter how humble. it's the changing fortune of time. exercise caution for the world is full of trickery. don't let this blind you to what virtue there is. the world is full of humor. nurse the strength and spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. be at peace with god, and whatever were aspirations of life, keep peace with your soul. strive to be happy. my jolly tip of the day, the more things change, the more they stay the same. live life to the fullest. this is willie jolly. visit my website and have a great day.
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weather first now, 6:44, howard bernstein is here. 74 degrees now? >> get out and enjoy because the heat is coming. >> 95 today, but it will be 100- degree plus heat thursday, friday, and saturday. that could be killer. >> literally? >> literally. one of the things that guys who study this have found out, the longer the heat periods last, that's when the health problems really start to increase. we can handle it for a few days but six or seven days with 90s and a few around 100. let's get you going on this monday morning. first things first, it's not bad out there now. we will heat up quickly. midday, upper 80s to 90 degrees by 1:00. stay hydrated. plenty of fluids. 93 at 3:00, but the temperature today at 95. winds south to southwest at 5
6:45 am
to 10 miles an hour. the visibility is not bad, exception for western maryland and oakland, 0. if you're traveling down 68, watch out for that. fog around culpepper, but the visibility has been up for an hour now. temperatures now in the middle 60s. martasburg, 74. 66 by in cross junction and parts of southern frontier county. fredericksburg is 70. here in town, we have 68 degrees. comfortable but muggy with the dew point at 67 degrees. the dew points getting closer to 70, and it's sticky. not just us dealing with the heat, a lot of the middle of the country has had the high heat for a long time. texas and oklahoma, the drought here is allowing the heat to build. moving up to the north, the northern part of the country, the mississippi valley to the northern plains, dealing with the counties in red under the heat warnings. underneath the big ridge of
6:46 am
high pressure with the thunderstorms going around that, in the atlantic, tropical storm brett forming last night, it's up here, in the northern part of the bahamas, but going out to the northeast, and it won't be a problem. then around here, michigan and wisconsin, driving off to the east, southeast, and it's something we will be watching. clouds blowing off with that later today. but into the overnight period and tuesday, that's when you will see the storms fire down to us. be a little active tomorrow, but after that, the heat will be the big story, 95 today. 70s tonight. and 94 tomorrow with the showers and storms possible in the morning, and again through midday, lesser chance in the afternoon, i think wednesday, 95, and then look at thursday, friday, saturday, and 100 or better, and then by sunday, back down to 97 with just a couple of storm chances on friday and saturday. >> angie has your time-saver traffic. >> the light continues to stay on yellow. we follow the activity and how
6:47 am
it is trapping us in the silverspring area, take it there for you. camerawork for you, and in the last couple of minutes, everything has improved completely. all the lanes back here at lockwood drive meeting new hampshire avenue but notice the damage was done. good amount of congestion, definitely more than usual trying to make it past the point. moving to the outer loop, don't forget the sun shade. you will need it. moving to the beltway in virginia, things are moving well as drivers move past 66. speaking of 66, we are below speed over to route 123 exit. 95 headed northbound, the prince william parkway to route 1 bridge and then to newington, drivers making tar way -- their way up to the mixing bowl. we will have more at 6:58. >> thank you, 6:47. it's estimated there's more than 2 billion goggle searches
6:48 am
done every day. >> do you know how we learned that? doing a goggle search. maybe it's 2 billion 2 billion and 1 today. having easy access means there's no incentive to remember anything. one local therapist says that's not necessarily a bad thing. >> the entrain your plastic and adaptive, and i would not say that we are dumber because of the internet. one may say we are using the internet in ingenious ways. >> we did an informal survey asking three trivia questions, and everyone he asked used a smart phone to goggle at least one answer. >> okay, on what dates was president obama inaugurated? >> we came up with without going to google. january 20,2009. >> i believe -- >> yeah, correct! >> we got that one. the second question, what movie won the best picture oscar this
6:49 am
year? >> i got that one wrong. >> i remember this one because it's our favorite movie. >> i thought it was black swan but the king's speech won best picture. >> this was the trick one we had to goggle on. did you goggle? >> i didn't yet. >> what date was the declaration of independence signed? it's not july 4, 1776 but the answer is july 4, 1776. >> it was 12:01 really july 5 july 5th. [ laughter ] >> i thought for sure it was another day. >> 12:01. we thought with daylight savings. >> a big fan of google, and that's why. >> 64:00 down. 73-degrees in northwest washington, and a check of the news before you go. first, more trivia, the answer to the question of the day. a recent study suggests that people who have this profession get more headaches than anyone else. a. accountants, b. librarians, or c. teachers?
6:50 am
>> librarians, the answer is b. apparently they spend so much time reading, i don't know. >> right, yeah. time now for the united airlines travel forecast. looking hot in many parts of the country. here this morning, taking off 70 degrees. winds are calm, sunny skies, and visibility is good at 10 miles. thunderstorms will be a problem traveling up to ohio or michigan today with highs in the low 90s. even chicago, 92 with the threat of storms later on. 97 in kansas city. sunny and 94 for denver. going to vegas, out to pheonix, temperatures there possibly 110. los angeles looking sunny and 73. same story in san francisco. heat is on in boise, but nice in seattle. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
6:51 am
since time began. not anymore. ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies
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is a nicely designed package. ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle.
6:53 am
6:53. sunshine out there. 73 degrees it will be 80 by 9:00. 88 at noon. highs today around 95, and serious heat for the rest of the week. 7-day forecast before we go away. mike and andrea. >> thank you, sir. >> monday, july 18th. a check of the news before you go away. at least four boats destroyed by an early morning fire near m. street. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what started the
6:54 am
fire. the family of a maryland girl killed crossing the road says her organs will go to seven people in need. 17-year-old kara mikenge was hit tuesday night and died a short time later. her boyfriend was also hit, and he is in critical condition, the driver has not been charged. players on the u.s. women's soccer team should hold their heads high this morning. they lost to japan in a shootout in the penalty kick of the world cup final, and it's the first time the u.s. has lost to japan in 26 patches against them -- matches against them. the time is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9 news returns.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
we have one more thing before we go. a new survey that says your children are safe riding with grandma and grandpa even though they are in a risk with a higher risk of severe crashes. >> apparently riding with grandma and grandpa, they are safer than riding with mom and dad. researchers at the university of pennsylvania, they say it's true but they are not necessarily restrained properly. >> the stud comments -- the comments are incredible. >> one person says this is probably the dumbest article i have ever read, and it's the main article on the main page, ugh. let's see here, grandparents, kids? wow? while they drive closer in the low-speed crashes, they drive slowly. if you stop quickly you'll be
6:59 am
in worse shape but if you stop slowly you'll be better. >> i understand children in boy- scout driven vehicles are 716% more likely to make up a good story about what they did over the weekend. people thought it was a ridiculous survey. >> maybe they are more careful with the little ones in the car. >> that's what they say. 95 today. chance of thunderstorms late today and tomorrow. 100 or better building. this is dangerous stuff, take precautions. grandparents are not texting. >> that's true. their don't know how. >> 270, that is slow. here they are. the falls down to the split, and it looks like 395 headed northbound to the beltway, that's 95 before that. up to berkeley, and the inner loop, one accident off to the left shoulder. over to you. >> wall street looking lower this morning. >> the "ear

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